If your company is not engaged in IT-business, but still requires constant expenditures for information technology, we offer IT-outsourcing.
The service will eliminate the "headache" related to the operation of information computer technologies within the company, IT-staff turnover or lack of competence, cover enormously wide range of modern computer technologies, which require daily assistance. IT outsourcing reduces IT costs up to 70% and allows you to focus on your core business.

IT outsourcing involves the transfer of functions related to information technology to third-party company, which provides professional IT-services. Transfer of IT-staff in this company is possible as well (IT-outstaffing).


  1. Focus on your own business
  2. Improving the quality of IT systems’ functioning
  3. Maximum utilization of acquired computing resources, saving on optimizing information systems, faster returns on investments.
  4. Increased availability and accessibility of IT-services, reducing the possible risks to the core business of unavailability of information systems services.
  5. A significant increase in the reliability of storage of customer’s corporate information

IT-outsourcing services offered by our company cover the entire life cycle of IT systems, starting with the audit of IT-infrastructure, IT-strategy development, planning, implementation and technical support and replacing obsolete hardware and software, modernization or replacement of equipment and software.

Our experts offer customers a complete range of competences, freeing them from problems with tasks such as development planning, installation, configuration and diagnostics of equipment, administration of a complex hardware and software systems, evaluation of effectiveness of use of resources, protection of information resources, inventory and documentation of decisions, interaction with service providers and service organizations.

Our company is a Microsoft’s partner and our staff is Microsoft certified.

We can provide a summary of specific employees for positions required by your company per your request.