Electronic boutique

The program  "Electronic Boutique" is intended for automation of retail trade in boutiques and outlets.

 The main functions of the program:
• Goods receipt from different suppliers,
• Retail trade,
• Cash management,
• Maintenance of warehouse accounting,
• Maintaining a sales report,
• Applying discounts,
• Acceptance of advance payments,
• Applying discounts and much more.

A great advantage is the external storage of the database, which ensures the restoration of all data even if the computer is lost or damaged. The sale of goods by reading the barcode allows you to exclude the possibility of selling someone else's goods through your outlet.

The application is divided into two types of access: Administrator and Implementer. Options to show or hide from the realizer any report or sales history are customizable, and the administrator part is password protected. For the audit, it is enough to unload the quantity of stock in the warehouse in Excel and recount the fact of the goods. You can also see any sales history and earnings. Lead the balance of debts to suppliers and the balance of your debtors. The program is bought only once and has no monthly fee.

Automate your business and become a "self-accountant" in two clicks.
You can ask any question or get advice by calling +996-555-531-999 or by mailing office@timelysoft.net with the note "Electronic Boutique".