R-Keeper™ – automation of public catering establishments: restaurant, cafe, bar, canteen, fast food.

The R-Keeper program was developed in 1992. UCS company was the first Russian private company to enter the catering market with a restaurant automation system of its own design, which immediately made a worthy competition to foreign peers. For more than 20 years of implementation, the R-Keeper system has become the most popular restaurant system for full-service restaurants and fast food establishments.  Our customers are the leading operators of the hospitality industry. As of the end of November 2015, the number of installations of the R-Keeper system exceeded 40,000 restaurants in 47 countries of the world. By the way, the very name "erkeeper" or "keeper" is already a household word (as a "copier" for copiers) - as many restaurateurs today call the restaurant management system.

What is the R-Keeper system?

R-Keeper ™ - software and hardware complex, designed specifically for public catering establishments. This is a very reliable and powerful tool for accounting and control of sales, production, personnel, which allows to optimally allocate resources, minimize costs, improve the level of service, organize loyalty programs for guests and monitor their effectiveness.

R-Keeper - the experience of the world's leading restaurateurs.

UCS company develops its software solutions precisely because of the large number of enterprises that manage their business with the help of our systems. They are very different in scale, formats and concepts, they are in different geographic areas, they work in different segments of the HoReCa market, they have their own unique guests and methods of attracting them. Unites all of them desire to effectively manage and control their business, increase sales and improve the level of service. It is thanks to customers who broadcast their ideas and needs, we are constantly moving forward - we refine and develop our software products and create new ones.


Reliable control system.

The technologies used in the R-Keerer ™ program made it possible to achieve outstanding results in terms of the speed of the operations performed with high reliability and survivability of the system. The system provides complete data protection against unauthorized access.

Full automation of the restaurant.

Full automation of the enterprise is provided in R-Kereer with two software levels: cash and managerial. Cash (operational) level provides automation of the sales process and formation of a database on sales. Manager level (restaurant office) is responsible for the formation of directories, distribution of access rights, a variety of settings for the cash level, setting parameters and settings of reports, developing and implementing marketing programs, ensuring the necessary interaction with other systems responsible for accounting and movement of products, And other areas of the restaurant.


Modern restaurant technologies.

The advanced technologies of the R-Keeper ™ system allow restaurateurs to increase the efficiency of their personnel, to shorten maintenance time:


Portable terminals for the waiter on the iPodTouch, an electronic menu on the iPad tablets, virtual guest cardmessage passing to the waiters for conceptual restaurants

Dynamic menu-boards, cash stations with an additional screen for the guest, Electronic queue technology, Self-service kiosk for fast food

DriveThru technology for servicing in the format of "autotask"

Mobile warehouse inventory

(CashManagement) Cash Management

Accounting of banquet orders

Electronic "printers" of the chef and waiter (replacement of service printing) and other technologies

The main functional modules of the R Keeper system

StoreHouse inventory system

Time tracking system

Loyalty management system for R-Keeper CRM guests

Table reservation system

On-line visualization of orders in the kitchen  KDS/VDU

Beer filling system on tables

Cash flow accounting system inside the restaurant Cash Management

Intelligent video surveillance system behind the cash register

WEB-monitoring of the restaurant

Automation system of restaurant delivery service R-KeeperDelivery



R-Keeper features

R-Keeper™ automation system is a flexible and scalable solution that can meet the needs of a restaurant of any format, from a small cafe to a large network. An important feature of the system is its modularity, which allows each customer to offer an individual solution that meets the needs and strategies of his business development. The customer acquires only the necessary functionality, without overpaying for unnecessary.

Buy R-Keeper

R-Keeper™ is a registered trademark of UCS company. Our software product is sold exclusively through official dealers and representative offices of the company in different countries. In Kyrgyzstan, such a dealer is the company "TimelySoft" 0-555-531-999 sergey.rabinchuk@timelysoft.net, . 

Prices for R-Keeper custom software for restaurant automation.

Prices for POS terminals and other equipment for restaurant automation. 

The R-Keeper® system has interfaces with:

1C: Accounting 7

1C: Accounting 8

R-keeper v.7 has an interface with "1C-Rarus: Power Combine" and "1C-Rarus: Restaurant Management" for downloading data (automatic or manual) from the cash register system. The product "1C-Rarus: Integration with R-Keeper v.7" is a plug-in functionality, for its launch, you need an additional license to the main software products "1C-Rarus" in the HoReCa industry.

management accounting system Capital 2008: Restaurant

with the management system of bowling Brunswick, AMF & QUBIKA

with the system of video surveillance "Intellect"

reservation system Restorun

Shelter hotel automation system

UCS-Premiere ticket system

Game-Keeper hardware-software complex

Abonement fitness club management system

Installation of the R-Keeper system.

To install the R-Keeper system, you do not need super-powerful server equipment, which many other automation systems require to maintain functionality.

With this system you can also acquire: "Mobile virtual card", "TS.Salary".