Information system of court decisions

Unified automated information and reference system "Information system of court decisions" 

The information and reference system is designed to facilitate the filling of information and automate the filling process, display information, easily search by specified criteria, and to transform and store the processed data in a format suitable for further analysis.

The information and reference system ISKR is designed to automate the processes of input, processing, storage, consolidation and analysis of information on judicial acts of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as to increase the judicial literacy of the population. The system allows to place judicial acts of courts of the Kyrgyz Republic electronically in six (6) categories of cases (constitutional cases, criminal cases, civil cases, administrative cases, administrative violations and economic cases) and systematize the information in such a way as to provide a report on all available acts with Given criteria for search (both by criteria selected in filters, and by keywords).

The system is designed to:

  • systematization of judicial acts;
  • providing citizens with access to decisions of the courts of the Kyrgyz Republic in various categories of cases;
  • increase the level of accountability of the judicial system of the Kyrgyz Republic to the public.
  • simplifying the search for any kind of case
  • obtain analytical reports on court cases