The site is for facilitating the search for sports and recreational facilities, as well as obtaining information on the additional services provided, the rating of sports facilities.

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Thanks to this site, the user can easily view the places that are associated with a particular sport, from public institutions to private ones. In addition to the names, there is an address with a convenient map, contact details, reviews of those who have already visited there and price lists.

At the moment, in the country either detailed information about these institutions has to be collected from different resources, or you can use the search engine to find the address and then go yourself to find out what's what. Those data that the owners themselves provide are accepted by others as subjective information. Since, the owners, burning with a desire to sell, willy-nilly prejudiced against their product / brand.

System modules:

  • The role module allows the administrator to assign roles: moderator, company representative, client
  • The module moderating the information allows the moderator to edit / delete comments, the description of the institution, the description of the services.
  • The map module loads a map onto the site (2gis, googlemap or openstreetmap)
  • Module categories of institutions. All institutions will have a category (stadium, playground, gym, sports complex, ...)
  • The module of institutions allows you to add an institution, edit and delete it; Also enter information about the institution
  • Module adding to the institution's card. Adds an institution to the map, the marker is selected depending on the type of institution
  • Module of services. The ability to fill in the services provided by the institution (from the list) is also possible to add to the list
  • Module type of services.Type of services - division of services into groups, there will also be the possibility to separate services into paid and free
  • Module description of the institution. The description of the institution appears on the map, when you click on the marker
  • Feedback module for institutions. Adds the ability for registered users to write a review about an institution
  • The rating module. Adds the ability for registered users to rate an institution on a 5-point scale.
  • Filtering module on the map by type of institution. Adds the ability to display on the map only institutions of this type (only swimming pools for example)
  • Filter module on the card by type of service. Adds the ability to display on the map only the institutions that provide this type of service (only where there is a massage)
  • Filtering module for filtering the operating time (hour intervals). Adds the ability to display on the map only institutions that work at certain times (for example, after work I want to go to the gym, I choose the time from 19:00 to 21:00, and the halls that work during this period of time are displayed)
  • Filtering module for days of the week filters. Adds the ability to display on the map only institutions that work on selected days (for example: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • The module of binding to social networks, with the possibility to publish the future event. Allows you to register in the system through accounts in social networks, it is also possible to publish an event, share an institution or service on your social networking page.
  • Module of activities. Allows you to add events in the form of news, as well as the ability to mark a passing event on the map.